Noypi Lifestyle’s Angrydobo Experience in Taft

Every Saturday, I always spend my time in school because I’m currently pursuing a graduate school degree at De La Salle University. At the same time, I also live near Taft area. And as we all know Taft is a hub of food spots that specifically caters to the taste and budget of students.

My weekends make me a lazy person. I don’t want to go out when I’m already slacking in my apartment since I’m too tired balancing my work and school requirements. I instead use my food delivery mobile applications to have a good meal. But there was this time that a classmate posted the “trending” opening of Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo’s restaurant in front of our school. I was curious, checked it, and went to Angrydobo.

During my first attempt visiting the restaurant, the queue is ridiculously long. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to dine. It was followed by second and third tries, unfortunately, scenarios were still the same. So, I told myself that I need to try this new restaurant because I’m a Judy Ann’s Kitchen subscriber in Youtube. And just recently, I successfully tried dining in Angrydobo (at last).


There is still a queue outside the restaurant but it’s not as long as before. Though I must say, the area inside is not that big. I assume that it can cater 30-40 guests.

Since this is a limited-service restaurant, you need to fall in line in the cashier, order your food, and pay for it. Their food service is relatively fast, I just waited for around 5-10 minutes only. The crew was swift enough to manage all the orders in one time.

Interior wise, I love how the reds and blacks combined together including a rustic vibe. Though there are lots of guests inside, the operations team organized the area well and kept the kitchen clean. However, just prepare your OOTD to smell like adobo after dining (better yet bring your perfume).


Angrydobo offers different kinds of food– Bites, Greens, Sandwiches, Angry Bowls, Ala Carte, Veggies, Savory Fried Rice, Add-ons, and of course Sweets.

Together with my graduate school classmate, we ordered Angrydobo Classic, Angrydobo Flakes Rice, Tokwa’t Dobo, Cream Cheese Flan, and Dark Chocolate Chompsicle.

According to my colleague, the Angrydobo Classic was a hit. He enjoyed what he ordered because he’s a fan of classic taste and flavors.

Angrydobo Flakes Rice- Php 230

And as for me, I ordered the Angrydobo Flakes Rice. I was not that impressed because it was a bit bland. Though the secret sauce was already poured in my bowl, I still didn’t appreciate the taste. I actually didn’t finish my food because I felt sad for what I’m eating.

But the Tokwa’t Dobo is the king for me. I enjoyed eating this appetizer so much! The perfect combination of crispy Angrydobo pork belly, fried tofu, red onion, and Angrydobo vinegar is worthy to be commended.

Cream Cheese Flan- Php 110

With Angrydobo’s dessert, we’ve tried the Cream Cheese Flan topped with deep fried pinipig and “latik”. The fusion of custard and cream cheese was definitely luscious– sweetness was not overpowering.

Dark Chocolate Chompsicle- Php 120

Dark Chocolate Chompsicle is made of 77% Davao dark chocolate champorado with crunchy dark chocolate shell and “tuyo” powder. This is basically a frozen champorado coated with chocolate. If you are a champorado and dark chocolate lover, this is a must try. However, I didn’t taste the “tuyo” powder.

With the food offerings of Angrydobo, I obviously enjoyed the dessert and appetizer more than the main (rice bowl). Maybe they are still in the introductory phase and there are still lots of things to improve on.


Angrydobo’s food price ranges from Php 75 to Php 425 which is really good for an opening rate. It’s affordable for the students and working professionals.

As for the service, the operation team was attentive. They perfectly organized the queue. And no one was rushing. We didn’t have any problems with the service of the team. And it’s surely a big factor for all the diners.

Just to sum up my experience, I’ll be rating each criteria from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Food Quality3.8
Service Quality4
Facility Quality3.7
Price Quality4

If you want to experience Angrydobo, you can visit the restaurant at 2456 Taft Avenue, Manila. It’s located just in front of De La Sale University.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid article. This is solely a personal experience dining in Angrydobo in Taft, Manila.

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