Discover Authentic Szechuan Dishes in Templo, Dapitan, Quezon City

In the Philippines, you can easily spot a Chinese restaurant that offers basic Chinese dishes such as dimsum, noodles, stir fry food, and more. You can rarely see Chinese restaurants in the metro that specializes the major cuisine types of China. But to my surprise, there is one outlet I visited in Banawe, Quezon city that offers authentic Sichuan/Szechuan cuisine– Templo Modern Szechuan Fusion .

Restaurant Facade
Restaurant Signage

Templo Modern Szechuan Fusion or simply Templo was established from a family’s heirloom recipe rooted in their ancestors from Sichuan, China. Needless to say, the business mainly concentrates on Sichuan/Szechuan style of cooking. It is basically a very spicy type of Chinese food and is also known for being flavorful. Szechuan dish usually contains a lot of garlic and chilli peppers.

By history, the province of Sichuan is known to have a poor weather with high humidity and lots of rainy days. Which is the reason red pepper is used in almost all of their dishes.


It was my first time to try Szechuan food in my entire life. I was expecting a typical taste since all Chinese restaurant I visited had the same types of flavor, texture, and smell. But this one gave my palate a new perspective.

Emperor’s Secret Soup (Solo)- PhP 355.00
Halibut Chong Qing Style- PhP 485.00

The meal started with Templo’s savory soup, the emperor’s secret soup which is like an enhanced version of soup number five (believed to have aphrodisiac properties). And there is the halibut chong qing style that is basically a rich and spicy hotpot with halibut fish meat and tofu. These two soups already captivated my tastebuds because of the unique flavors it gave me.

Salted Egg Tempura Shrimp- Php 360.00
Pork Intestine in Chili Oil- PhP 265.00
Szechuan Native Duck- Php 485.00
Szechuan Signature Sliced Prok

As the soup started my gastronomic journey in Templo really good, then there are the main courses that I can easily say the best Chinese food I tasted so far.

As I’m allergic to crustaceans, I only had a small bite of the salted egg tempura shrimp and it blew my mind away. And to add up, the inviting and sinful pork intestine in chili oil makes you want to order an extra rice more (believe me *wink*).

On the other hand, the Szechuan native duck is so rich in flavor. The breast part of the duck absorbed all the flavors of the spices. While the signature sliced pork made me feel less guilty because the slices are so thin. I enjoyed the playful mix of different spices and sharpness of all the dishes.

TIP: You can request for the spiciness level of your food, from mild to extra hot

Of course, the meal will not be completed without the rice. Templo is proud of their yin yang fried rice that is topped with spinach and oyster sauce. The appearance of the food is also distinctive as the colors gave life to the dish.

Yin Yang Fried Rice- Php 265.00
Templo’s Signature Milk Tea- Php 115.00

I capped off the meal with Templo’s full-flavored signature milk tea. The perfect combination of tea, milk, sago, and flavored gulaman makes the drink delightful.

Templo is not only limited with their Szechuan dishes, they also offer some basic Chinese food that is somehow a staple to some Chinese and Filipino families in the country.

Beancurd Roll

The fusion of different herbs and spices in all of Templo’s Szechuan dishes will make your dining experience magical. Hence, it’s not just your another Chinese restaurant but it’s your one-of-a-kind Chinese restaurant that MUST be visited.

So if you love some spices and kick in your palate, you can dine in Templo Modern Szechuan Fusion located at 55 Dapitan Street corner D. Tuazon, Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City.

For more updates, you can visit Templo’s social media accounts, [facebook] and [instagram].

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