Unlimited and Affordable Samgyeopsal at Galbizip

Korean food has always been one of my favorite cuisines when it comes to unique taste and appearance. It’s appetizing when I see a thin-cut meat in a grill plate or pan, hear the sizzling sound, and smell the aroma from the grilled meat– that will always make me feel hungry.

Galbizip Korean Rib BBQ Restaurant

Galbizip Korean Rib BBQ Restaurant serves unlimited samgyeopsal for only PhP 339 per person. If you want to upgrade your meat, you can either choose the marinated samgyeopsal (PhP 379), beef and samgyeopsal (PhP 439), marinated beef and samgyeopsal (PhP 479), or shabu shabu (PhP 519).

And to make your Korean restaurant experience complete, you can order from their ala carte menu that is also good for sharing up to 2 persons– Bulgogi (PhP 700), Jopchae (PhP 250), Bimbim Bap (PhP 250), Kimchi Jjigae (PhP 250), and a lot more to choose from. 

Aside from the unlimited samgyeopsal, the package also goes with unlimited side dishes and drinks. And the most exciting part is, you can add a melted cheese dip and Korean barbecue sauce for only Php 100 that will make it different from other Korean restaurant samgyeopsal offerings.


I may be bias on this part because I love samgyeopsal. But seriously, adding that melted cheese dip in a samgyeopsal is a new experience for me. It’s somewhat peculiar to my taste buds yet it created an idea that a melted cheese, as a dip, is a perfect combination to a grilled meat, might be chicken meat or beef. On the other hand, the unlimited drinks added a plus factor to my experience dining in Galbizip. For me it’s a 4/5.


Service was just mediocre but the staff were all knowledgeable about the product that they offer. The reason why I tried the extra melted cheese dip and Korean barbecue sauce, it’s because of the persuading power of the waitress. It seems like she really know everything about their current promotions and the products they offer to the guests. Nevertheless, she convinced me very well. This deserves a 3/5.


The restaurant doesn’t have a good interior and ventilation. Lighting were not that good and it’s a bit dark. They also provided an electric fan that doesn’t have a cover (it may harm the diners). I have nothing too much to say about the facilities because I didn’t like it as a restaurant guest. It’s a 1.5/5.


Price is indeed affordable. If I’m going to compare the PhP 339 worth of unlimited samgyeopsal to other Korean restaurant that offers the same promo, I can say that you can save extra cash from Galbizip. I guess, this is one of the outlet’s advantages to other competitors. Maybe for some diners, they will consider price first before the food experience. So I’ll be giving this a 4/5.

Overall dining experience was great, except that, the facilities can be improved more so the diners can fully enjoy the place without thinking of any hazards a restaurant may cause.

Galbizip Korean Rib BBQ Restaurant is located at Mabini St. cor Gen. Malvar St.Malate, Manila. They are open every Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am onwards.  You may check their FACEBOOK page for more updates. You can also reach them through email at galbizipribhouse@gmail.com or phone call +63 2 573 2475

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