NEW: Chao Shang Beef Hotpot City

Located at Building D, Filinvest Cyberzone Bay City, Pasay City is the newest hotpot restaurant in the metro which soft opened last October 6, 2018– Chao Shang Beef Hotpot City.

A hotpot is a Chinese way to cook food in a simmering pot of soup which contains different vegetables, meats, and spices.  While the soup is being simmered, guests can cook different ingredients and place into the pot. With this, it’s a healthier way to cook meat and vegetables in soup rather than in oil.

Chao Shang Beef Hotpot City only offers the freshest vegetables and meat coming from a cow’s different parts of the body. The hotpot can be availed in unlimited for only PhP 1,198 NET per person or per meat/vegetable that ranges from PhP 150- PhP 368.

While the hotpot is the best-seller, the restaurant also offers single orders such as Beef Hofan Guisado, Beef Fried Rice, Beef Bola-bola Hofen Soup, Beef Steak Hofan Soup, and more. Single orders are good for 2-3 persons.

The outlet is perfect for customers who love to taste authentic Chinese food that is prepared by Chao Shang’s Chinese chef.

The restaurant is open Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

For more information about Chao Shang Beef Hotpot City, you can follow their Facebook account or call +63 2 826 8186.

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